Is Ananya “The Woh” Between Kartik & Sara??!!!

The internet is abuzz with the news of Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan breakup. Rumors are making rounds claiming Kartik refuses to re-shoot a scene with Sara. The once in love couple will be seen together in Imtiaz Ali’s next Aaj Kal.

Aaj Kal is the sequel of Love Aaj Kal. Kartik Aaryan recently set the twitter on fire with his viral video opposite Deepika Padukone.

During the shoot of Aaj Kal, news of their budding romance circulated everywhere. The classy and humble Sara did not conceal her relationship status from the privy eyes of the press and public. The duo made public appearances together and also uploaded their pictures from the set on social media. Their love affair and chemistry soon became the talk of the town.

Unfortunately, their mushy romance collapsed and the two parted ways. None of them are making any comments on their breakup. They are not even seen publicly together, anymore.

Things soured drastically when Kartik refused to re-shoot a scene of the film. Chances are the reason for his refusal is ex-flame Sara.

Is Ananya Panday Dating Kartik Aaryan?

This question has been making rounds since the promotion of Student of The Year 2. Time and again, Anaya had to clarify her relationship status with Pati Patni aur Woh costar Kartik. Things went out of hand when Kartik commented that Ananya is cuter than Sara.

Definitely, he is the heartthrob of the mass. Where exactly does he stand in the life of the supposedly national youth icon Ananya is an unraveled mystery.

Verily, the one to benefit the most from SOTY2 is, of course, Ananya Panday. During the shoot of SOTY2, she bagged Pati Patni aur Woh. She was a little bit taken aback on being offered the role of a homewrecker. The movie has this fresh angle to the stereotypical “the other woman,” this made her say yes to the movie. Ananya felt the way the character of woh was sketched, any girl could relate to her. It was like a “break of fresh air” to her.

Kartik’s Equation with Girls

This guy is here, there, and everywhere. There was a time when none of his movies were on the floors. Yet, he was seen everywhere. Girls literally flock to this easy-going, happy go lucky charmer. Earlier this year, Sara dropped hints to go on a coffee date with him. Whereas Ananya called him cute and blushed at the mention of his name.

How Close is Ananya To Kartik?

During an interview, Kartik was asked, how close is he to Ananya? The two tried very hard to maintain a formal front. The actor even narrowed down the proximity of the question by saying that they are really close. This was said quite casually yet cautiously. When the actor was pushed further to comment and asked blatantly if he was dating Ananya, he replied that they are married to their work.

Well, in the same interview, it was quite evident that Ananya has a keener interest in Kartik than she would like to admit.

As of now, the two have not admitted anything. Evidently, they are “just good friends.” Cliched! But that is Bollywood for you. Nothing is black and white in this colorful world of glitz and glamour.

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